Embark on the Journey

The Process

Embark on the exciting journey of building your dream pool with Trident Pools, where each phase is guided by expertise and personalized attention from Jeremy Martinez, the Owner. We are committed to making your vision a reality, and the process unfolds seamlessly:

  • Phase 1

    Site Meeting and Planning

    Our journey together commences with a thorough site meeting, a personalized experience led by Jeremy Martinez. During this session, we delve into the specifics of your dream pool. We discuss the optimal pool location, strategic placement of equipment, desired features, soil conditions, logistical considerations, and, of course, your budget.

    Jeremy’s hands-on approach ensures that every detail aligns with your vision and practical requirements. This initial phase sets the foundation for a collaborative and tailored construction process, where Trident Pools is not just a builder but a partner in turning your pool dreams into a tangible and extraordinary reality.

  • Phase 2

    Design and 3D Visualization

    Following the site meeting, we transition into the design phase, where Trident Pools utilizes cutting-edge 3D design technology. Collaborating closely with Jeremy Martinez and our skilled design team, you’ll witness your dream pool come to life in vivid detail. Our 3D visualization allows you to explore different angles, features, and materials, providing a realistic preview of your project.

    Jeremy’s personal involvement ensures that the design aligns perfectly with your vision and expectations. This phase is not just about creating a pool; it’s about crafting a masterpiece tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

    Phase 2

  • Phase 3

    Proposal and Contract Presentation

    With the finalized design in hand, Trident Pools prepares a comprehensive proposal and contract tailored to your project. In a collaborative meeting, Jeremy Martinez presents these documents along with the 3D design, providing a transparent overview of the scope, timeline, and investment involved. This phase is designed to ensure clarity and alignment, setting the stage for a smooth and informed construction journey.

  • Phase 4

    Proposal Acceptance and Contract Signing

    Upon review and any necessary discussions, the next step involves accepting the proposal and signing the contract. Jeremy Martinez guides you through this process, ensuring that all aspects of the agreement are understood and agreed upon. Your commitment at this stage signifies the green light to transform your dream pool from concept to reality.

    Phase 4

  • Phase 5

    Engineering Preparation

    Once the contract is signed, Trident Pools engages our experienced engineers to prepare detailed engineering plans for your project. This phase ensures that the structural and technical aspects of the pool construction meet rigorous standards. Jeremy oversees this critical step, ensuring that every element is meticulously planned and executed to guarantee the integrity of your pool.

  • Phase 6

    Working Drawings and Permit Package

    Building on the engineering plans, Trident Pools proceeds to create comprehensive working pool drawings and a permit package. Jeremy ensures that these documents adhere to all local regulations and standards required for obtaining the necessary permits. This phase marks a crucial milestone as we move closer to breaking ground on your exceptional pool project.

    Phase 6

  • Phase 7

    Permit Submission

    With the detailed pool permit package in hand, Trident Pools takes the lead in submitting it to the zoning and building department. Jeremy ensures that the submission process is seamless, navigating through regulations and requirements to obtain the necessary permits for your project. This marks a significant step towards making your dream pool a reality.

  • Phase 8

    Permit Issuance and Construction Schedule

    Following the meticulous permit submission, Trident Pools eagerly awaits the issuance of the pool permit. Jeremy takes charge as the permit is secured, and our team develops a comprehensive pool construction schedule. Recognizing the importance of anticipating potential delays due to weather, labor, and material factors, we ensure that the schedule is realistic and adaptable. This proactive approach ensures that your pool construction stays on track, delivering exceptional results within the agreed-upon timeline.

    Phase 8

  • Phase 9

    Material Selection

    Before we break ground, we introduce the exciting Material Selection phase. This is the moment where the fun begins for you, the customer. Collaborate with Jeremy and our team to explore an array of options for pool tile, interior finishes, coping, decking, and cover color materials. Your preferences and style come to life during this interactive and enjoyable process, ensuring that every detail reflects your vision for the ultimate pool experience.

  • Phase 10

    Layout and Forming

    The excitement of seeing your dream pool come to life intensifies during the layout and forming phase. Trident Pools, under the careful guidance of Jeremy Martinez, ensures that day one of construction is unforgettable. The pool’s location and size take center stage, and your satisfaction is our priority. Any minor adjustments you wish to make, within the guidelines of setback regulations, are welcome. Jeremy ensures that your enthusiasm is met with flexibility, allowing you to make changes as long as any adjustments to the contract price are agreed upon. This collaborative and adaptable approach sets the tone for a construction journey tailored to your preferences.

    Phase 10

  • Phase 11

    Excavation Kickoff

    The transformative moment has arrived as Trident Pools kicks off the excavation phase of your pool construction. Before we start, we encourage homeowners to notify neighbors about the upcoming construction. Transparency and community consideration are key during this phase. Additionally, if you have specific requests regarding the disposition of excavated dirt, communicating them in advance ensures a smooth process. Keep in mind that the pool dimensions during excavation may appear slightly larger than the finished dimensions—a normal occurrence in the construction process.

  • Phase 12

    Material Selection

    An enjoyable and critical step, the added Phase 12, focuses specifically on material selection. Dive into the selection of pool tile, interior finishes, coping, decking, and cover color materials. Trident Pools leverages local and global connections to source the finest materials for your project. This phase highlights our commitment to providing you with top-quality craftsmanship and materials, ensuring that your pool stands out in both durability and aesthetics.

    Phase 12

  • Phase 13

    Pool Plumbing

    One of Jeremy’s favorite phases, pool plumbing, is the heart of your water chemistry. Jeremy’s meticulous approach ensures that pool and spa plumbing is installed with precision, setting the foundation for a reliable and efficient water system. Armed with a tape measure, level, sharpie, and a keen eye for detail, Jeremy oversees the pool plumbing phase to ensure that every aspect aligns with the highest standards. This phase marks the fusion of expertise and passion, guaranteeing a pool that not only looks spectacular but functions seamlessly.

  • Phase 14

    Rebar Placement

    Safety takes precedence as we enter the rebar placement phase. Trident Pools ensures that rebar, a critical component of pool construction, is placed with precision. During this stage, Jeremy emphasizes the importance of maintaining a safe distance from steel, trenches, and the pool area. Your safety and the safety of our team are paramount, and this phase sets the stage for a secure and enduring pool structure.

    Phase 14

  • Phase 15

    Inspection of Rebar and Plumbing

    Building on our commitment to safety, the Inspection of Rebar and Plumbing phase involves a thorough inspection by your local inspector. Trident Pools coordinates this inspection, ensuring that your project complies with all safety standards. Homeowners can rest easy, knowing that this critical step is overseen by experts, providing reassurance as we move forward in the construction process.

  • Phase 16

    Site Preparation

    An additional step, Phase 16, includes site preparation, backfilling, yard cleanup, and the removal of formwork. Under the supervision of Jeremy Martinez, our team ensures that the construction site is cleared, backfilled, and left in a tidy state. Your property is treated with care and respect, reflecting our commitment to delivering not just a pool but an overall positive construction experience.

    Phase 16

  • Phase 17

    Pool Cover Tracks Installation

    Safety takes center stage with the installation of pool cover tracks. Trident Pools ensures that your pool is equipped with an automatic pool cover for added security and convenience. During this phase, Jeremy provides valuable tips, including opening the cover when it rains and avoiding cover operation with water accumulated on top. This phase emphasizes safety while enhancing the functionality of your pool.

  • Phase 18

    Pool Coping Installation

    The installation of pool coping, whether carried out by Trident Pools or another contractor, marks a significant step in shaping the visual character of your pool. Jeremy ensures that this phase aligns with the overall vision for your dream pool, whether Trident Pools is coordinating the installation or collaborating with another trusted contractor.

    Phase 18

  • Phase 19

    Pool Tile and Veneer Finishes Installation

    Excitement builds as pool tile and veneer finishes are expertly installed. Trident Pools leverages extensive knowledge in material application, waterproofing, and adhesion to ensure a stunning and enduring finish. Your pool becomes a canvas for creativity, with each tile and veneer contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal.

  • Phase 20

    Pool Equipment Installation

    Jeremy’s hands-on approach takes the lead during the installation of pool equipment. With 28 years of experience, Jeremy ensures that every component is installed beyond expectations and exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendations. Trident Pools places a strong emphasis on the reliability and efficiency of your pool system, setting the stage for a seamless and enjoyable pool experience.

    Phase 20

  • Phase 21

    Interior Finish Application

    The transformative phase of applying the interior finish is here. Whether you selected traditional white plaster, colored plaster, a pebble finish, or an all-tile interior, Trident Pools ensures that dreams become reality. Jeremy and our team apply the finish by hand, showcasing craftsmanship and attention to detail that elevate the visual and tactile appeal of your pool.

  • Phase 22

    Pool Filling

    As the interior finish cures, the phase of pool filling arrives. Crucial to this stage is maintaining a continuous water flow until the water level reaches 3″ below your coping. This precautionary measure prevents visible fill lines in your pool, safeguarding the flawless finish and enhancing the overall visual appeal.

    Phase 22

  • Phase 23

    Pool Cover Installation

    Safety takes precedence with the installation of an automatic pool cover. Trident Pools ensures that your pool is equipped with a state-of-the-art cover, adding an extra layer of security and convenience. Valuable tips include opening the cover when it rains and avoiding cover operation with water accumulated on top.

  • Phase 24

    Final Pool Inspection

    Approaching the completion of your pool construction, Trident Pools conducts a comprehensive final pool inspection. Jeremy and our team meticulously review every aspect of your pool to ensure that safety devices are installed, and pool equipment meets all safety requirements. This final inspection is a commitment to delivering a pool that not only looks exceptional but adheres to the highest safety standards.

    Phase 24

  • Phase 25

    Dive In and Celebrate!

    Congratulations! The moment has arrived to celebrate the completion of your dream pool. Be the first to jump in, host a fun pool party, and enjoy every feature your Trident Pool has to offer. Whether it’s the multi-colored pool light show, the inviting hot tub, or simply basking in the beauty of your new aquatic oasis, this phase is all about savoring the fruits of your pool construction journey

Dive In With Us in Creating Pool Perfection

Trident Pools invites you to experience the excellence that defines our brand. Whether you’re envisioning a new pool or revitalizing an existing one, let us be your trusted partner in creating aquatic masterpieces.

Dive In With Us in Creating Pool Perfection

Trident Pools invites you to experience the excellence that defines our brand. Whether you’re envisioning a new pool or revitalizing an existing one, let us be your trusted partner in creating aquatic masterpieces.